Re: Patches for mc-4.5.51

> > And yes, I sent patches addressing these issues, with no reply. Maybe
> > they are crappy, because I don't know the mc code much, but at least
> > "your patch sucks because of this and that" would be appreciated.
> I sent three patches too, but neither I saw them applied, neither I received email like "the patches sucks because ..." or at least "your patch sucks".
> Also the bug "when I edit file and change directory in subshell, the file is saved elsewhere" - I saw a patch on it on about 6 months ago and the problem is still there (or at least was in the 2003/08 development snapshot, I haven't checked the 2003/09/15 for this bug yet)

Please check this bug again:

2003-07-31  Andrew V. Samoilov  <sav bcs zp ua>

        * edit-widget.h: Resurrect "dir" field in WEdit to store
        directory for relative filenames.

        * edit.c (edit_clean): Release edit->dir.

        * editcmd.c (edit_save_file): Use absolute filename.
        Temporarily disable safe save and backups on remote VFS because
        it doesn't work - again.

Andrew V. Samoilov.

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