[BUG] copy/move - error dialog should include "ignore" button

The state of the checkbox "preserve attributes" in copy/move dialog
should be preserved (or make an option whether to be preserve or not
by default) at least in current mc session -> if I forget to
untick it and I copy/move from ext2 to fat32 partition, I get dialog
box saying "Cannot chown target file ... Operation not permitted (1)"
with Skip/retry/abort options. I am really missing "ignore" or even
better also "ignore all" button, which will silently continue as if the chown succeeded (since chown on fat is really impossible...)
If i press "skip" while moving, the file is copied BUT it remains
at the location from where it should be moved. This is why I think
there should be also "ignore"/"ignore all" button (or both of them).
Also "skip all" might be useful on some other operations too.

Martin Petricek

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