[BUG] colors in red dialog boxes

In normal gray dialog box the shortcut key to activate a
button is blue, while the remaining text of button is black.
In red dialog boxes, the shortcut key is white and the text
is also white, so I don't see the shortcut for all but the current
button (which is blue on black). This is especially annoying in
 "overwrite file?" dialog, since it have eight buttons and i don't
 remember all the shortcuts. I think the keyboard shortcut to activate
 the button in red dialog boxes should have any color, but not white.

Also when I press "down" key while on "yes", i expect the button
"all" to be active, not "no" button. (seems that up/down just move
left/right, nt up/down in the rows of buttons as I would expect)

Martin Petricek

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