[BUG] bug in internal cd command.

I found a buf in internal cd command

How to reproduce:
make a directory with space in its name, like "cpu info"
Type "cd ", then press alt-enter on that directory name
with space in it, the command line will read "cd cpu\ info".
Now press enter.
Mc will complain the directory does not exist -> seems
it can't handle backslashes in internal cd command.
The same apply for *, ?, ", \ and probably other characters
in directory names although they are not so common as space

Also when testing this bug I encountered another one (possibly more fatal):
I make directory with name "a:b" (yes, it countain colon)
in /tmp and put some files in it, but when I press enter
while standing on the file in active panel, i get usually two
results, most of the time the current directory in the active
panel changes to "/#a" and empty directory is shown, sometimes
I get also this message (only at first time accessing that dir
and also after freeing VFS):
Can't exec "mdir": No such file or directory at /usr/local/share/mc/extfs/a line 66.
readline() on closed filehandle FILE at /usr/local/share/mc/extfs/a line 67.

Martin Petricek

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