Press any key to continue... bug?

A little thing that's been bugging me for quite a long time:
Using mc I get the habit of F10 to cancel things, so when I
run something from the F2 user menu and it asks me to
"Press any key to continue..." I seem to tap F10 by habit, which
leaves a bunch of junk on the command line when the panels
return, which I have to backspace though.
This little hack uses read() to suck the keyboard dry so that
I'm not left with chars in the buffer, and I have a nice clean

Does this seem like a reasonable approach?

Peace and Cheers.

--- main.c~	Wed Mar 12 11:39:38 2003
+++ main.c	Wed Nov 19 12:26:41 2003
@@ -542,7 +542,9 @@
 	    last_paused = 1;
 	    fflush (stdout);
 	    mc_raw_mode ();
-	    getch ();
+//	    getch ();
+	    unsigned char key[16];
+	    read( fileno(stdin), &key, 15 );
 	if (console_flag) {
 	    if (output_lines && keybar_visible) {

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