Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander


> > Gabucino votes for glib1
> No, I vote to no glib at all! A two panel filemanager doesn't need all these
> sophisticated stuff! Check Volkov Commander, it's a 64kb DOS COM executable
> (and imho it's much faster/stabler/better than mc, pity it's on DOS).
> But this argument is getting very very pointless, it seems Pavel apparently
> listens to noone, likes reinventing the wheel, dropping simple support for
> many OS'es, and his dictatoric means of maintaining resulted in the
> appearing of many mc forks...

MC is a 550k file manager, with tons of external features from libc,
libgpm and libncurses.

If you want a 64k file manager, feel free to rewrite it from scratch in
assembly.  C is just not the language to get those savings.

And if you dont like Pavel's position, you can fork the code base, and
have your e733T file manager, we in the free software world enable
everyone to do this.


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