Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

Gabucino wrote:

No, I vote to no glib at all! A two panel filemanager doesn't need all these
sophisticated stuff! Check Volkov Commander, it's a 64kb DOS COM executable
(and imho it's much faster/stabler/better than mc, pity it's on DOS).

Don't you think DOS is much simpler OS than UNIX (with all its flavours...)
and mc has more features (only think about vfs...).

But this argument is getting very very pointless, it seems Pavel apparently
listens to noone, likes reinventing the wheel, dropping simple support for
many OS'es, and his dictatoric means of maintaining resulted in the
appearing of many mc forks...

Please don't insult here. IIRC all forks started to appear before 4.5x,
i.e. when gmc was started, quite a long time ago.


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