Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 22:33, Rob Ristroph wrote:
> Come on, have you ever seen a project that worked like
> that ? Seriously, "show me the code" is the motto of any
> project with more than a handful of people, unless you
> are paying money.

Good, this can be the case for other projects but not with my time. I am
not sitting here writing 1 week of code only to hear afterwards that the
maintainer isn't interested. If it works for you ok, not for me. I say
it how it is. I spent various days writing some shit only to see them
being rejected afterwards. So asking first makes more sense. If no one
is interested then I can spent my time for other things.

> I'm ldd'ing mc 4.6, to show you that the total number of
> library dependancies in my version. Perhaps you might
> check your version and see if there are library dependancies
> other than glib that can be removed by changing the parameters
> to ./configure.


Your 4.1.40 is likely unstripped, ...
... Here's what I am getting from ldd:

One time you write mc-4.1.40 and then later you meant 4.6.0. Now what ?
Once you agree which version you meant to show me you can reply on it

> Why don't you see if you can use glib 1.2 ?

Because I explained this point already in the initials of this Thread. I
recommend you read it entirely and not half. It's not difficult and my
english (besides that it's bad) isn't difficult either.

Ok I think we leave it on that.

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