Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander


> Say on my system (only to give a practical example). I have my GTK/GNOME
> installation kept in /usr/local this also means my 'mc' which I checkout
> once a week or something. When I compile GNOME from scratch (this then
> also includes all the other stuff, pkgconfig, startup-notification,
> libxml, libxslt, audiofile etc. before it comes to glib it needs to
> compile a few other things first. During that time I have no mc
> available or can't use it due the fact that my /usr/local dir is moved
> to /usr/local.bak a new /usr/local is being created where all the new
> GNOME stuff is being installed

Maybe you should consider building mc with glib statically linked.  

Not rocket science dude.


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