Re: MC + zsh: prompt problem

> Thanks, for the prompt response. Obviously, I took the hard way to find
> what is causing the problem :) Next time I'll be more careful in expecting
> the available resources.

In fact, your work may still be useful.  Even if the prompt is ignored, we
should be careful to determine its end correctly.

> Is there any discussion on this list on how to implement this feature ? I
> might be interested in coding it.

Remove load_prompt() and subshell_prompt variable.  Rename
read_subshell_prompt() to flush_subshell_prompt() and fix all

> Btw looking through the TODO list I find the following line in the section
> "In the 4.7 branch":
> Dynamic loading for libX11, libgpm.
> I think libX11 should be removed.

Done.  Thank you!

Pavel Roskin

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