MC is awesome

Hi !

First, I would like to say that my previous question about how to make
the user menu come up on start-up is answered; it was indeed
auto_menu=1.  I had thought that it was, but just adding that line to
an ini file left over from a previous version of MC didn't work for
some reason, but changing the value in the ini file made when you
install MC 4.6.0 did work.

Also, I asked here a longer while ago about mcserv, and I said it
wasn't working for me -- well, I'm using it now, and it is working; I
am using the latest stuff from CVS.  It is indeed working without the
portmapper, if you use the -p option (all though it still prints a
warning about RPC).  As I am running it from a very limited floppy
linux, it somehow couldn't authenticate passwords correctly, so I made
do_auth() just always return 1.

Many thanks for the help I received with these problems.  I am using
MC more and more for my own work.


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