Re: Find file dialog in mc-4.6.0-pre3


> So i went and hunted down the bug :)

Thank you.  The code you found is completely broken.  However, your
changes don't seem to make any difference for me.  Could you please send a
patch that works for you?

> In src/key.c, the is_idle() function is broken. It's called by the
> dialog loop (used by Find File too) to decide if call the callback fv
> (search for files) or handle the key/mouse events.

I think it's only a part of the problem.  Anyway, it's good to hear that
your changes make the difference.

> so it should be:
>     select (maxfdp+1, &select_set, 0, 0, &timeout);


> btw, NOTE: i didn't handled the gpm events, they need extra code, so the
> current is_idle() should be changed deep. I've just summarized the idea
> about the bug. If you want, i can prepare a commitable patch.

Maybe you could check the return value of select() - it returns the number
of ready file descriptors.  We are not interested to know which file
descriptor is ready.

Pavel Roskin

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