removing the obsolete gnome (gmc) support?


While searching for the current MC homepage/download/cvs etc
(btw where is it? i still not find it, the
url points to some java4linux crap!) i've found an interesting mail:

mentioning that gmc is no longer supported and is being obsolete.
I thought i'm the only not using/liking gmc and wanted to remove gmc
from the code years ago. Yes, I was who started AMC 3 years ago, to
make a cleaner, stable mc version targeted for console only.

Now, that i'm about leaving the MPlayer project, I plan to work again
on AMC. But I didn't decided yet if i'll continue patching the old 4.1.x
series or fork the 4.5.x code and remove the crap (mainly gmc), or maybe
start a new project from scratch and maybe porting some parts from 4.1.x
or 4.5.x.

So, the question: are you planning to remove gnome gmc hack in the
near future from 4.5.x tree?

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Developer of MPlayer, the Movie Player for Linux -

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