Re: removing the obsolete gnome (gmc) support?

Hello, Arpi!

> While searching for the current MC homepage/download/cvs etc
> (btw where is it? i still not find it, the
> url points to some java4linux crap!) i've found an interesting mail:

You must have lived under rock for years.  Maybe you are Kevin Mitnick?

Go to and enter "Midnight Commander homepage".  Click "I'm
feeling lucky".  The answer will be prominently displayed in your browser.

> I thought i'm the only not using/liking gmc and wanted to remove gmc
> from the code years ago.

You are not alone.

> Yes, I was who started AMC 3 years ago, to
> make a cleaner, stable mc version targeted for console only.
> ([.txt|.tar.gz])

I know about it.  I always wanted to take your FXP support in VFS, but I
never had time for that.

> Now, that i'm about leaving the MPlayer project, I plan to work again
> on AMC. But I didn't decided yet if i'll continue patching the old 4.1.x
> series or fork the 4.5.x code and remove the crap (mainly gmc), or maybe
> start a new project from scratch and maybe porting some parts from 4.1.x
> or 4.5.x.

I'm glad to welcome you in our team.  The existence of AMC was an
important argument for removing the GNOME frontend.  Your expertize will
be very useful.  It would be great if you help us merge changes made in

> So, the question: are you planning to remove gnome gmc hack in the
> near future from 4.5.x tree?

Why do you care about 4.5.x tree?  4.6.x tree won't have it from the

Please test 4.6.0-pre3 or the CVS version.  I hope to release 4.6.0 very
soon.  There are no problems, but I want to make some testing on
64-bit systems and wait for bugreports about 4.6.0-pre3.

Pavel Roskin

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