MC topdir /.. remove!

I just recompiled MC some mins ago from CVS and I noticed that you removed the topmost 
/..   <- doubledots 
from MC and I find it highly confusing to use it now since I used used to go manually back in dirs 
to the topmost dir and hit the left and right panel on these dot's to have MC save the correct 
position on the prefs. I used to use it that way for many years now and Now the first entry is 
/bin here no topmost /.. or /. to push. I would really like to have this back in since it's also a 
FILESYSTEM standard to go back from dirs using /.. <-- doubledots and stay in the same dir by 
using /. <-- singledot. 
cd ..     <-- goes back one dir 
cd .      <-- refreshes same dir 
so seriously place that back in since I'm used to it for so long. Or if it really bothers the 
developer please make it an option so I can re-enable it. 
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