Re: MC topdir /.. remove!


> I just recompiled MC some mins ago from CVS and I noticed that you
> removed the topmost
> /..   <- doubledots

Yes.  The patch was suggested by Bulia Byak <bulia dr com> and nobody

>  from MC and I find it highly confusing to use it now since I used used
> to go manually back in dirs to the topmost dir and hit the left and
> right panel on these dot's to have MC save the correct position on the
> prefs. I used to use it that way for many years now and Now the first
> entry is /bin here no topmost /.. or /. to push.

I don't understand.  Could you please explain it in more details?  What
are you trying to do?  Why is it a problem for you?  Why do you care about
the root directory?

Pavel Roskin

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