Re: [PATCH] lynx-like jumpkeys


> > Relying on timeout seems like bad idea to me.
> > Its against UI guidelines (they say things should
> > not depend on timing, except in games).
> That makes sense in general. That's why these timeout based
> features should be optional.

Being optional is not excuse for breaking guidelines.

> > Mutt cerainly waits for you to press <enter>, no timeouts there.
> It the app waits for enter, then it also must provide an
> additional visual feedback - display the processed numbers
> somewhere (like mutt does). 
> The timeout based solution has the advantage, that it provides the
> visual feedback, because the selection cursor moves immediately
> as the keys are pressed.
> Implementing that enter based approach would also be much more
> complicated, you would need an additional text input widget
> somewhere. It also has no advantage for those people who don't
> mind the timeout. It only imposes an unnecessary additional key
> press on them.

Timeout breaks randomly on overloaded systems
and slow networks. Bad idea. What about
non-number key ending "move-by-number"
mode? No timeouts neccessary.

I still dont see how it is better than C-S, through.
Written on sharp zaurus, because my Velo1 broke. If you have Velo you don't need...

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