Re: Xterm title [PATCH included]

* Adam Byrtek 'alpha' <alpha student uci agh edu pl>, 29/12/2002, 16:16

> Could you test this on different configurations/xterms, please?
> I'm not sure if 100 microsecond is enough, so if you encounter this
> problem again, tell me.

As others have already noted, the problem still occurs every now and
then: locally under medium/heavy load, and somewhat more often with
remote connections (ie. running mc on a remote host via telnet/ssh)
under light/normal load, even on a 100 Mbit switched LAN.

It's not too bad, though, although it's still an annoyance because
once it happens, it sort of "sticks" to the affected terminal window
(ie. exiting and restarting mc doesn't help, only closing the terminal
window and opening a new one does).

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