Re: [PING] was Re: [PATCH] Dynamically load XOpenDisplay, XQueryPointer and XCloseDisplay (2nd try)


> Is there any chance that this patch will be reviewed anytime soon ? Is
> there anything I can do to speed up the process ? Please, let me know. I
> don't want to rush anyone - simple "yes, it will be reviewed, but not now"
> will suffice.

I'm trying to review the patches in the order in which they come.  There
are still 7 patches on the bug tracking system.  Unfortunately, it takes
more time that I would like.  For example, the patch for removing
duplicates from history had to be rewritten and it took one more day to
fix bugs.

I just looked at your patch, and it looks good, but it needs testing with
both glib-1.2 and glib-2.0, which would take some time.

Please don't delay any releases because your patch hasn't been applied.

Pavel Roskin

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