[PING] was Re: [PATCH] Dynamically load XOpenDisplay, XQueryPointer and XCloseDisplay (2nd try)


Is there any chance that this patch will be reviewed anytime soon ? Is 
there anything I can do to speed up the process ? Please, let me know. I 
don't want to rush anyone - simple "yes, it will be reviewed, but not now"
will suffice.

I've been holding the Cygwin package of MC 4.6.0 because of this patch. If 
this is not the right moment for this patch to be reviewed I'll release 
the Cygwin version with this patch applied at the end of this week.
Then we can talk about it here and try to make if better, fix it, etc, 
when the moment is right. For my purposes its just ok.

Thanks! :)

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