Re: Update TODO list

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 02:29:42PM +0100, Arpi wrote:
> Another important issue i found is that patchfs doens't handle
> delete, so if you enter a 'patch', and edit a 'file' in it,
> it will append the edited version but don't remove the original
> part, rendering it unusably broken.

As an author of new patchfs I'll fix this as fast as I can. In one or
two weeks, because I'm on vacation right now.

> useful. Unfortunatelly it's written in perl, so i can't volunteer
> fixing it, unless i rewrite it in C or bash.

It would be quite silly. Especially rewriting in bash - I wonder if it
is possible at all... Perl is perfect language for such purposes (text



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