Re: Update TODO list


> 1) It's about time to make ftp to sites like
> If other programs can why do we not?

As soon as we (mplayer team) are over the 0.90 release (should
happen in a few days) i'll start my work on rewritting ftpfs.
The current code is (sorry) a messy hack, with lots of bad
assumptions and unhandled errors. It ay work with wu-ftpd, but
for example it cannot chdir to homedir on proftpd, and i don't
even want to imagine when it meets our hungarian language AIX

I've already spent lots of time improving ftpfs in 4.1.35 in AMC,
and i see the same problems still exists in 4.6.0.

So, cound on me for ftpfs.

Some more TODO entries:

The fishfs is a little buggy, if you start transferring a big
file and then aborts with ctrl+c, it gets into unusable state,
and thanks to the vfs dir cache you have to quit mc and restart
to get it working again...
Maybe someone familiar with fishfs code could fix it?

Another important issue i found is that patchfs doens't handle
delete, so if you enter a 'patch', and edit a 'file' in it,
it will append the edited version but don't remove the original
part, rendering it unusably broken.
Delete/edit support is (imho) required for patchfs to make it
useful. Unfortunatelly it's written in perl, so i can't volunteer
fixing it, unless i rewrite it in C or bash.

The lslR-fs is cool, but it's extremly slow (try to enter a 80mb
ls-lR file) and eats extremly high memory (aoround 200mb for that
80mb lslr file). I think we should write 'native' support for it,
just like for tar and cpio. It could do an initial pass, searching
for directories, and storing the position in the lslR file as 'inode',
and when the user enters a directory, then jump to that position and
parse that part only.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Developer of MPlayer, the Movie Player for Linux -
    "However, many people beg for its inclusion in Debian. Why?" - Gabucino
  "Because having new software in Debian is good." - Josselin Mouette
"Because having good software in Debian is new." - Gabucino

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