Re: AMC merge patch #2


> The saga continues, this time with EXTfs and Syntax files updates:
> Changes included in patch: (all merged in from AMC version mc-4.1.35-A12pre)
> - EXTFS Support for the ESP archiver ('uesp' added where needed)

I have never heard of ESP.

"Icon=compressed.xpm" is wrong.  There is no compressed.xpm in the current
code.  If you don't check your changes, somebody else will have to do it
for you.

That's precisely a defect that cannot be found by the end users.  You are
adding an obsolete keyword, which has no effect.  However, add 100
obsolete keywords, and mc.ext becomes much harder to understand by
developers, let alone users trying to customize it.

> - (commented out) support for .deb on dpkg-less systems
>   (users just need to move # 2 lines up :))

Believe me, 99% of users won't know about that commented piece.  The fix
belongs to the "udeb" script that should be able to fallback to using ar
if dpkg is missing or doesn't work.

> - New .syntax files for BAssPasC, Macro-HTML, J(Dis)Asm languages

I only heard of jdisasm of all those.  I'm not sure that most *.mac files
are written in Macro-HTML.  I think I'll put this to the "contrib" section
of the website.

> - (mostly) Color changes in HTML, LSM, Makefile .syntax files, to make
>   them (more) readable on blue background
>   (who the fsck thought that dark brown on dark red is readable?)

I don't remember seeing dark brown on dark red in any highlighted files.

If you mean dark brown on dark blue, that question was raised already, and
the right fix would be to implement macro definitions for colors.  Then
you could define the color for comments in one place, and it would affect
all syntax files using that definition.

> -context <!-- --> brown
> -	spellcheck
> +# modified by A'rpi/ESP-team  <arpi esp-team scene hu>
> -context <! > brightred/orange

Please avoid placing your name everywhere you change something.  You are
not the first and hopefully not the last person modifying any given piece
of code.  This comment is adding exactly nothing.

If I find this in the release, I won't know what was modified, when and
why.  I won't know if any further modifications have been done in that
code.  I won't know if I should ask you about all lines below that
comment or only about the next line.

> +#  Syntax hilight definition file for Midnight Commander / CoolEdit

             highlight                                        Cooledit

Pavel Roskin

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