Re: AMC-4.6 CVS available


> Because of merging in my patches goes so slowly (does it go at all? :))
> and as i have lots of small changes what hard to handle as patches/patchets,
> i've decided to setup CVS tree for my patched mc-4.6.x tree, so
> - users interested in it can easily get & test it
> - it's easier to me to commit & trace independent changes, patches
> - nice changelog can be generated easily from cvs log
> - you can get any change as patch using cvs diff
> - i can import new mc releases/snapshots without messing up my patchset

You have an option of submitting the patches to the patch tracker on  I'm very busy now, but I'll start with applying patches
as soon as I have time for that.  Keeping patches separate will make it
easier to apply them.

The problem with testing is that many bugs are not found for a long time.
Sometimes they are mistaken for missing features.  Every single bug is
easy to miss, but when there are dozens of them, the probability to hit
one becomes significant.

Systematic testing and review of the code needs time and experience, and
superficial testing of CVS builds is a bad substitute for that.  Anyway,
let's see if your CVS will help with improving the code quality.

Pavel Roskin

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