Re: File find: open viewer does not jump to line?


> Give more details.  Describe:
> 1) What you do.
I open the file find dialog. Enter the string to search. Press OK to start 
search. Wait until some files are found. Go to the entry, pres F3. The 
internal viewer opens. Press F5 (view current line). It always show 1, 
although the found entry says e.g. "ChangeLog:1054".

> 2) What you expect to get.
I expect to be positioned to line 1054.

> 3) What you actually get.
The file position is always on first line.

> If you are using external viewer and editor, starting on a certain line is
> not supported for an obvious reason - different viewers and editors may
> have different command line switches for that.
This happens with the internal viewer.


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