Re: File find: open viewer does not jump to line?

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, David Sterba wrote:

> > 1) What you do.
> I open the file find dialog. Enter the string to search. Press OK to start
> search. Wait until some files are found. Go to the entry, pres F3. The
> internal viewer opens. Press F5 (view current line). It always show 1,
> although the found entry says e.g. "ChangeLog:1054".
> > 2) What you expect to get.
> I expect to be positioned to line 1054.
> > 3) What you actually get.
> The file position is always on first line.
> > If you are using external viewer and editor, starting on a certain line is
> > not supported for an obvious reason - different viewers and editors may
> > have different command line switches for that.

By the way, 'man mcview' does not contain the description of the
"goto line" switch. What is it?

> This happens with the internal viewer.

You can try this before running mc:

$ cd
$ mv .mc .mc-old
(and may be)

Sometimes fresh configuration solves strange problems.


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