hotlist: buttons redesigned

A new version of the hotlist patch:

More fixes and cleanup:

* all declarations moved to block starts

* no highlighted letter hotkeys in buttons, but <access keys> specified

* reordered buttons so that most frequently used ones are in the first row

* removed "Up" - confusing ("What does that do?") and redundant now with .. in subgroups

* "Change to" became "Go to" (easier to understand I think)

* in movelist: removed "Change to" and renamed "Append" and "Insert" to "Insert before" (DEFPUSH_BUTTON) and "Insert after" correspondingly

Now, if anyone can give me a clue of how to mark <keys> in button labels with a highlight color, similar to the way hotkeys were marked, then I think it would look much better. The same question applies to hotkeys in the entries - they would be nice to highlight too.
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