Re: Highlighting trailing spaces


> Some people (myself included) use the internal editor to read other
> people's code.  I don't want to fix minor sloppiness in the code I didn't

same for me

> I would also add "not to enforce formatting rules".  It's annoying and
> should be applied only to the person who is fully in control of the code.
> mcedit just cannot do it.
> That's my opinion, but I'd like to hear from other developers.  I'm

I fully agree, if it does count at all :)
Btw, the Makefile syntax ruleset also contains an ugly part, showing TABs
with bright red backround. It's even worse, as TABs are correct there.
Imho it should be fixed (i've already fixed, afair it's even included in my
AMC #2 patchset) because it's annoying...

> leaving the patch in CVS for now, but I'll remove it before the release
> unless somebody comes with serious arguments in favor of keeping it.

btw, if we're on it.
new (ok new for me:)) mcedig shows DOS newlines with ^M on black backround.
1. looks ugly
2. messes with column number, it's 1 char in file but it shift column by 2
  (ok it's rare to have ^M in the middle of a line)
1. it should be made optional
2. it should be 1 char wide, is show only 'M' on black background
  (and same for other <32 control codes)
3. mcedit should support editing files with CR+LF newlines
  (so pressing ENTER should insert not only #10, but #13 too, and should
   hide ^M's, handle them as part of the newline code)

I know someone (Pontscho) interested on fixing this and making a patch, but
dunno if it may be accepted here.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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    "However, many people beg for its inclusion in Debian. Why?" - Gabucino
  "Because having new software in Debian is good." - Josselin Mouette
"Because having good software in Debian is new." - Gabucino

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