ftps status

Hello all

i just wanna ask one question - when will be FTPS corrected? is it too
hard to make working ftp symlinks and normal reconnect after timeout?
i know that there is patched mc exists
(ftp://esp-team.scene.hu/esp-team/linux/mc-4.1.35-A10.tar.gz) which
has right ftps that work just fine
(and also has corrected "The shell is already running a command" bug)
but it's 4.1 branch - very old and without large file support ;(

I'm waiting in about 4 years for normal ftps in MC...
too many not useful features but bad realization of useful :9

Best regards, Max Shaposhnikov
ICQ: 273777
Cell-Phone:   +7(095)5006922
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Email:        shapa maxnet ru

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