RE: Highlighting trailing spaces


> new (ok new for me:)) mcedig shows DOS newlines with ^M on 
> black backround. it's 1. looks ugly 2. messes with column 
> number, it's 1 char in file but it shift column by 2
>   (ok it's rare to have ^M in the middle of a line)
> imho:
I like this feature. Some of my files are very ugly because I both
edited under DOS and under Lx, and some ^M are in the middle of the
line. Before this feature I didn't realized it, nothing was showed, and
Perl was not like it. After I'm able to see it, i can fix it "easily"
(see later).

> 1. it should be made optional
Anyway, I agee.

> 2. it should be 1 char wide, is show only 'M' on black background
>   (and same for other <32 control codes)
It seem's to be a good idea.

> 3. mcedit should support editing files with CR+LF newlines
>   (so pressing ENTER should insert not only #10, but #13 too, 
> and should
>    hide ^M's, handle them as part of the newline code)
It's OK and a good feature, but please don't hide them when they're in
the middle of the line... :) MC did it, and I didn't realized where are
they, what's the problem.
And a question. Is there any way I can search'n'replace the ^M
characters with nothing in my code? I didn't found the way for it, and
it's not a good game to do it by hand. I know I know that I can write a
program for it, but I think the answer shouldn't be this.


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