Re: Undo/Redo (Was: Re: annoyance: undo does not reset "modified" status)

On Sat, Apr 12, 2003 at 03:28:10PM +0200, Adam Byrtek / alpha wrote:
> Both Oswald's and Dmitry's approaches are too complicated:
> 1) We can't depend on timeout, this will be confusing for the user and
> lead to unconsistent behaviour.
i thought about this as well, and came to the conclusion that it does
not matter. compared to your suggestion the worst thing what can happen
is that less is undone at once than expected.

> 2) We can't have options bloat
why not? if some of the features i requested get added, more options
need to be added anyway, as some people would dislike them certainly.
it's a matter of grouping them in an obvious way.

> or additional key combinations
that's sort of true, i already have enough problems to choose between
reply, group reply and list reply in mutt. ;)

> for such a simple thing as undo.
but as you see, it is _not_ a simple thing. in fact, i consider undo
capability the difference between a toy and a real editor. and getting
it right (as in optimal) seems to be quite hard and subjective.


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