Re: [PATCH] Editor file locking

Hello, Adam!

> > differently.  Ideally, mc should show all the data separately - host, user
> > and PID (and maybe timestamp).
> Ok, see the attached patch.

Thanks, applied.  Sorry, I had to remake your string again.

> BTW I don't see a point in dividing host and user. Why?

Not every user would understand user host   I just want mc to explain the
situation in simple terms - who locked the file, from what machine and by
which process.  In fact, "file %s is locked by %s" cannot be translated
into Russian (and probably other languages) without knowing if %s is a
user or an abstract token.  The translation would be "user %s has a lock
on file %s" or "file %s has a lock with the name %s".

Anyway, this dialog will be confusing until it's documented, regardless of
what the message says.

> > One bug that needs to be fixed - if I use Enter to modify the file and I
> > get a "file locked" message, the old current line is not repainted.  Try
> > it to see what I mean.

I've applied your patch.  Thank you!

Pavel Roskin

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