Re: [PATCH] Editor file locking


> As discussed earlier, patch to implement file locking in editor. Try
> and tell me about any problems. Locking scheme described in
> edit/editlock.c
> TODO: 'Abort' option would be very useful, but it requires some more
> hacking in the undo stack. I'll do this when this patch will be
> considered stable.

Thank you for your work!

The patch looks good, but "Steal" and "Continue" looks a bit confusing for
a new user.  Maybe "Break lock" and "Ignore lock" would be better?

Emacs 21.2.1 understands the locks created by mc, but mc doesn't under
understand locks created by emacs, which have the timestamp after ":" at
the end.  I think the lock should be honored regardless of whether its
text can be fully parsed.

Locks can be left by mc in the following scenario.  First mc opens and
starts editing.  Second mc starts editing, the user chooses "Continue".
Second mc exits without saving.  First mc exits without saving.  The lock

Pavel Roskin

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