Re: Internal viewer troubles.

> I was using the internal viewer to check out that
> polish man-page in Xwindows/gnome-terminal, and it was
> very nearly unreadable.

I could not reproduce this with the Polish man page, but I could reproduce
it with binaries if and only if Options->Display Bits is set to "Full 8 
bits output".

Indeed, gnome-terminal identifies itself as xterm, but it cannot display 
some codes between 128 and 159 that the real xterm can display.

I have fixed this problem by disabling "Full 8 bits output" for all
terminals pretending to be xterm.  It's just not worth the trouble to keep
a list of codes that don't work with xterm and update it for new

> Different problem with viewer:
> In addition F8 (raw/parse) in the viewer works on the
> first press (raw), but if you press it a second time
> (parse) it coughs this error:
> sh: /tmp/mc-miven/mcextzB4DNb: no such file or directory

That's more important.  The immediate security risk has been removed by 
using a subdirectory under /tmp, but it's still a nasty bug and should be 
fixed.  I'm moving it from "before 4.6.0" to "before 4.6.0-pre2" in 

> I don't know where to start looking.  Generally Control-L
> works properly, why doesn't it work here?

Ctrl-L helps against text that came to the screen bypassing the screen
library (S-Lang or ncurses).  In this case, the text comes through the
screen library, and Ctrl-L just redisplays it.

Pavel Roskin

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