Internal viewer troubles.

./configure \
--with-tm-x-support --with-vfs --with-gpm-mouse \
--with-subshell --with-slang --with-edit
I was using the internal viewer to check out that
polish man-page in Xwindows/gnome-terminal, and it was
very nearly unreadable.
The panel contents are just printed over, leaving half
of it still on the screen, like its not doing
clear-to-end-of-line properly, mostly on lines that have
only text on them, no tags.  It doesn't seem to do anything
past column 80, let alone clear those characters, so most
of the right panel is still displayed there. My terminal
window is normally 128 characters wide.  When I scroll,
it doesn't erase the long lines so they just repeat
themselves all the way up the screen, printing shorter
lines over them.
From the vanilla-console it displays fine, and non-parsed
text files seem to view fine in any environment. When I bail out of the viewer, the main panel/screen
is cluttered with the contents of the file, even going
so far as to print the line-drawing characters over top
of the garbage, so I get a vertical bar ON TOP of another
character (neat-o!), and control-L (refresh) doesn't seem
to do anything at that point.


A similar thing happens when I try to edit(F4) a binary. The screen doesn't clear and just prints the garbage over
top of the panels.  After I exit the editor, Control-L
often doesn't fix the screen completely either, and leaves
some garbage hanging around.

Different problem with viewer:
In addition F8 (raw/parse) in the viewer works on the
first press (raw), but if you press it a second time
(parse) it coughs this error:

sh: /tmp/mc-miven/mcextzB4DNb: no such file or directory

If I can be any help at all, please tell me what I can do.
I don't know where to start looking.  Generally Control-L
works properly, why doesn't it work here?


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