Re: Internal viewer troubles.

Pavel Roskin wrote:

I could not reproduce this with the Polish man page, but I could reproduce
it with binaries if and only if Options->Display Bits is set to "Full 8 bits output".

7 Bits output, 8 bits input fixes the problem.
Thank you very much.

Indeed, gnome-terminal identifies itself as xterm, but it cannot display some codes between 128 and 159 that the real xterm can display.

I have fixed this problem by disabling "Full 8 bits output" for all
terminals pretending to be xterm.  It's just not worth the trouble to keep
a list of codes that don't work with xterm and update it for new

Poking around further and more systematically, it has
nothing to do with mc, it has something to do with gnome-terminal, but I only ever see it with mc. If I switch windows, and flip back again, all the garbage
has been cleared to the nice dark textured background
that I have gnome-terminal set at.

I've had the problem for some time but I thought it was
me not knowing what I'm doing, and of course it was.
Display Bits?  Oh, that DOES something? Duh...

How is it that gnome-terminal gets the bitmap behind the characters? I should talk to the guys over there. They might know... There's a problem with the copy/paste menu too (it doesn't work, and seems like a good place to put xclipboard, a nifty little program, which does work. And then we can mock people who say the clipboard doesn't work properly.)

Cheers, and thanx again for your knowledgeable and tolerant replies.

ps One more from my infinite barrel of questions:
Is there any way of putting the selected text in the editor into the selection buffer of the terminal, for use by xclipboard?

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