Re: mcedit help file

Hello, Marco!

> In mcedit help file:
> The completion key also does a Return with an automatic indent.
> is that true?

In fact, I don't understand what it means.  This sentence is
"prehistoric", i.e. is was present in the revision 1.1 of the document,
imported into the CVS repository on February 27, 1998.

The completion itself was implemented much later:

2002-01-21  Matthias Urban  <murban cs uni-magdeburg de> 

        * edit.c: Add support for CK_Complete_Word event.
        * editcmddef.h: Likewise.
        * edit_key_translator.c (cooledit_key_map): Bind Alt-Tab to
        (emacs_key_map): Likewise.
        * editcmd.c: Implement word completion.

I have changed the manual so that it documents the current behavior.

It's a shame than more efforts are put into translating the manuals than 
into making sure that they are worth translating.  I really appreciate 
that you actually check the text you are translating.  Thank you!

Pavel Roskin

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