Re: bug report - shift + arrow selection in mcedit


> mc cvs version.
> in xterm (kde xvt xterm) mcedit does _not_ select text with shift + arrow key.
> in console it works great...

The reason is that Linux console support is always enabled if you complie 
mc on Linux.  On the other hand, support for X11 events has to be enabled 
explicitly at the compile time.

Even with this support, only modifiers are read from X11, while the escape
sequences for the key events are still read from the terminal.  Different
terminals emit different sequences for Shift-Arrows.  Finally, the "Learn
Keys" dialog doesn't let you define those sequences.

You can make Shift-Arrows work in X by compiling mc with X support and 
editing .mc/ini by hand, but this is undocumented and unsupported.  That's 
why the documentation says that it only works on the Linux console.

Pavel Roskin

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