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On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 11:46:44AM -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Hello, Marco!
> > In mcedit help file:
> > The completion key also does a Return with an automatic indent.
> > is that true?
> In fact, I don't understand what it means. 
I too :-P

> This sentence is
> "prehistoric", i.e. is was present in the revision 1.1 of the document,
> imported into the CVS repository on February 27, 1998.
> The completion itself was implemented much later:
> 2002-01-21  Matthias Urban  <murban cs uni-magdeburg de> 
>         * edit.c: Add support for CK_Complete_Word event.
>         * editcmddef.h: Likewise.
>         * edit_key_translator.c (cooledit_key_map): Bind Alt-Tab to
>         CK_Complete_Word.
>         (emacs_key_map): Likewise.
>         * editcmd.c: Implement word completion.
> I have changed the manual so that it documents the current behavior. but in is the same.

> It's a shame than more efforts are put into translating the manuals than 
> into making sure that they are worth translating.  I really appreciate 
> that you actually check the text you are translating.  Thank you!
No problem, translating is much difficult and error prone without a full 
understanding of the context, so I have to check almost for every sentence...
The real problem is:
	1) there are 2 files describing (more or less) the same thing
	(the internal editor) to keeping in sync: (in the internal 
	editor section) and 
	2) and, more important, there is not a single reference mechanism like
	gettext strings for the manual: i.e. if I change something in
	the main /mc/doc/ file, it's really difficult to track the
	changes in all the translated manuals...
Sorry but I have not an answer to the problem...perhaps cutting up the
manuals in pieces and merging the strings together like in po
> -- 
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
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