Re: PATCH 4.6.0pre1 change panel scroll behavior

Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hello, Miven!


I don't like it.  If I want to mark a few files that span the whole screen
and I want to see as many of them as I can, I'm now forced to move the
cursor to the middle of the marked files.

Right, I see. Therefore the scroll by half screen thing. It keeps the list stationary as much as possible, so you can work on a chunk of it. Esthetically speaking, I like the effect, and it was a _clean_ hack LOL... maybe a ini thing... smooth_scrolling=1? I surf a lot of long file lists, and I find it easier
to read as they are going by.

I understand your desire to clean up the code, and even simplify it somewhat.
I don't miss the gmc thing, it never worked very well anyway.

Next time make sure that your patch is not mangled by your mailer. If you cannot do it, use gzip.

Yes I will gzip them. I saw what it looked like after I posted it. Apologies. That's mozilla for you.
It mangles html almost as bad as ms.  What do you use?

Thanx for the replies. Cheers, and keep up the good work ( and critique :-).

ps. How long have you been working on mc? I just got here.

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