Re: Just got mc-4.6.0-pre1


> >> 'make install' didn't do vfs directory. I had to cd into it and do
> >> 'make' manually. Just missing from the Makefile.

To me it sounded like make didn't descend into that directory, not that it
failed there.  Please try to be more precise next time.

>   Screen manager:             SLang with terminfo


> In file included from ../src/tty.h:27,
>                  from utilvfs.h:3,
>                  from tcputil.c:49:

../src/tty.h:27 is only used if USE_NCURSES is defined.

This means that you manages to tell the configure script to use S-Lang and 
ncurses in the same time.  I made some simplifications since then, but 
I still cannot guarantee that it cannot happen.

> It seems #define USE_NCURSES 1 is set if I use --with-ncurses=no or 
> --without-ncurses.  

This has been fixed.

> When I first got the pre1 source, I used a ./configure command from
> 4.5.55 that had -with-<package>=no on some things because it used to
> compile a bunch of stuff in that I didn't want, so I manually unset
> them.

That's very interesting.  What are those things?  Could you please post 
the complete command line?  It's much more important than your Duron750.

> ./configure --help says that you can use --with-<package>=no or 
> --without-<package>.
> I don't think I should monkey with the configure scripts, thats DEEP MAGIC.

We had this discussion before in the list.  I haven't done any systematic
foolproofing yet, apart from recognizing --without-ncurses.

> Again, you are correct. I wasn't sure what auto-menus meant, and it never
> seemed to do anything.  I'm still not sure what it does.

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