Re: Syntax file for M4/Autoconf

> > But how those possible changes will be syncronised with CoolEdit?
> > Or you think we don't need any compatibility / syncronisation
> > with CoolEdit anymore?

I'd like Paul Sheer to be informed.  I think he is too busy with other
stuff, so the syntax code in Cooledit is not actively maintained.  But it
would be nice to have some assurance that our changes will eventually land
in Cooledit and that the compatibility will be restored in the long term.

> We already incompatible with Cooledit, and mc stores our syntax files in
> the ~/.mc/edit directory.

Not quite.  The syntax files (rulesets) are compatible.  Their location is

> But this breaks compatibility unlike 1 and 3.

All suggestion break compatibility to a certain degree.  I'd like to have
case-insensitive context delimiters, just like keywords, so the syntax
should be similar.  In this case it would be "icontext" and "ikeyword".

> BTW, Walery, I has some question about your sql.syntax.  Does '#' really 
> starts one line comments in mysql? What about 'rem[ark]'?
> And is it truth about " as delimiter of strings?

The question about comments may be for me.  I remember that I just scanned
the web for SQL files and checked sources of PostgreSQL and MySQL.  
PostgreSQL uses "--".  MySQL uses "#".  Take MySQL source and look for
*.test files.

Pavel Roskin

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