RE: Syntax file for JavaScript

> From: Pavel Roskin [mailto:proski gnu org] 

> I don't really understand why you implemented number 
> highlighting in such strange way.
> Maybe you just had a problem figuring out how to do it
> right?  That's understandable, since the syntax is weird.
Yes, you're right!  ;)
Thank you for clearing this out.

> I also moved the numbers before "-",
> so that negative numbers are highlighted too.

Based on you rules for numbers I created more powerful rules, that cover
everything from hex numbers and numbers with decimal point to scientific
notation. ("-" before negative numbers is highlighted as unary operator,
not as a part of number).
You can test all these rules using attached file js-number-test.js.

Please, look at new js.syntax.
I applied to it changes from CVS, added new number highlighting rules
and made some smaller changes.

I think you also need to add js.syntax to syntax/
Here is a trivial patch for that. (

Vlad Romanenko.

Attachment: js-numbers-test.js
Description: Binary data

Attachment: js.syntax
Description: Binary data

Description: Binary data

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