Re: Syntax file for JavaScript

Hello, Vlad!

> I'd like to contribute syntax file for JavaScript.
> It's based on c.syntax

Thank you!  I put your file on CVS, but with some changes:

All kind on parenteses/brackets/braces, comma, question mark and colon are
brightcyan for consistency with C and Java highlightings (except the
question mark, which is not highlighted in C and Java).

indexOf was missing in the list of most common functions.

I don't really understand why you implemented number highlighting in such
strange way.  Maybe you just had a problem figuring out how to do it
right?  That's understandable, since the syntax is weird.  I also moved
the numbers before "-", so that negative numbers are highlighted too.

> The feedback is welcome!

Your feedback is also welcome :-)

Pavel Roskin

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