Re: MC handling of extfs supplied ls - style dirs & more


> > Now, after the longish start, D64 images have files with names of up to
> > 16 character. These may contain spaces, '/' and all kind of other characters.
> > We found it to be incomfortable to parse out the spaces, since the linux
> > filesystems handle such stuff nicely usually. Currently only '/' and '@' are 
> > escaped and awk 'gsub'ed' to a '_' ...
> I don't understand relevance of Linux filesystems in this context.
> > I found, that especially leading spaces in filenames cause tremendous problems
> > towards midnight commander. I also did a quick cross-compare with the supplied
> > zip filesystem. A file containing e.g.   " test"  and "test.d64" can be 
> > entered fine, but only "test.d64" can be extracted. " test" only can be 
> > extracted using e.g. unzip. Though, MC handles (space)files on the normal 
> > filesystems just fine.
> extfs tries to be flexible in respect to its input in assumption that the 
> filenames are "not too strange".  That's the price to be paid to be 
> compatible with many different listings.
> It should be possible to implement a variant of extfs with more fixed 
> format and less limitations on filenames.  It may be useful for other 
> script-generated listings.

Maybe listing format from fish shoud be used? It uses \n as separator...

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