MC handling of extfs supplied ls - style dirs & more

Hello again ... :)

while making my life more comfortable, I also tried to make the D64 filesystem 
from work with the latest 
mc-4.6.0pre1 ...

I got it halfway working, but found some limitations which should be 
resolvable somehow, hope you can help. Here is the issue:

On D64/D81 Images as used on C64 and related emulation platforms,
there is a rather easy to handle program named c1541 being supplied with
the most common emulator VICE (binary name is x64).

The URL mentioned above is using c1541 as a base for the extfs filesystem. 
Another program I found is no longer supported and uses another external 
program. The author isn't going to extend the program anymore.

Now, after the longish start, D64 images have files with names of up to
16 character. These may contain spaces, '/' and all kind of other characters.
We found it to be incomfortable to parse out the spaces, since the linux
filesystems handle such stuff nicely usually. Currently only '/' and '@' are 
escaped and awk 'gsub'ed' to a '_' ...

I found, that especially leading spaces in filenames cause tremendous problems
towards midnight commander. I also did a quick cross-compare with the supplied
zip filesystem. A file containing e.g.   " test"  and "test.d64" can be 
entered fine, but only "test.d64" can be extracted. " test" only can be 
extracted using e.g. unzip. Though, MC handles (space)files on the normal 
filesystems just fine.

Can this poroblem be surrounded ?

For now I am putting quotes around the filename and therefore can atleast see 
names like " - piccy iffl data - " just fine. Extracting them fails though, 
due to a problem with my bash knowledge (yet) ... But that should be possible 
to solve ... :)

Two more small questions ... on common files with no spaces or funky stuff no 
such problems come up, just when copying a file into the archive using c1541 
again, MC moans about: 

Cannot chown target file "/data/c64/d64/t~d64#d64/README"
Function not implemented (38)

Afterwards the file was copied fine to the D64-Image, but MC keeps telling me 
it has 755 as permission, although only r--r--r-- OR rw-rw-rw-  are actually 
possible in the  list  function there is.
Is it possible to directly flush the cache somehow, or tell MC some different
behaviour here ? (C-r doesn't really re-read the archive contents for me. it 
should, hm ?)

Sorry again for the long mail .. I have been reading the archives here and on 
the normal list, but didn't get much information about my problems. Also 
reading the manpages, files I found on the source and extended google 
searching didn't help much ... :(


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