Re: Solaris doors

Hi, Andrew!

> Please roll back your S_I[FS]DOOR related changes to
> the src/fs.h and src/screen.c, or all of files are
> displayed as Solaris door if S_I[FS]DOOR is not defined.

Not for me.  The reason for this patch was that all files were displayed
as sockets on BeOS, which doesn't have sockets.

I think we should keep that code more symmetric than it used to be.  I 
think I'll take this approach:

#ifndef S_IFDOOR 
#   define S_IFDOOR 0 
#   define S_ISDOOR(x) 0 

and the same for all other S_IF - S_IS pairs.  That's what it should be if 
S_IFDOOR is not defined, and if it's defined, then it's reasonable to 
expect S_ISDOOR to be defined as well.

Pavel Roskin

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