Re: Samba configuration files directory

Hi, Andrew!

> I implement possibility to describe where Samba configuration file is in the
> system.  This can be configured by configure, but somewhere smb.conf is 
> placed in the /etc, somewhere in the /etc/samba and so on.  This feature
> can be useful for system administrators.  I need your help to describe
> this change in the doc/  My English is not perfect ;-)

Neither is mine, but your description seems fine to me.

The bad thing is that it pushes the mc.ini vs. mc.lib madness even
further.  mc.lib is supposed to be a system wide configuration, while
mc.ini should only have the settings saved by the user.  That's what the 
manual used to say before I discovered that only terminal settings are 
actually read from mc.lib.

Some settings are more likely to be system-wide than others, and it's
understandable that your code only reads mc.lib.  However, I would prefer
to have a uniform policy regarding the settings.

By the way, what is mc reading from smb.conf?  Is it the workgroup name?  
Anything else?  I think that mc should work just fine without smb.conf.

Pavel Roskin

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