Ftpfs directory bug if user home is not / (root directory)

Hello, everyone

I found wierd thing in mc 4.5.99a. When you make ftp connection, (say cd ftp://serv3 tania), mc displays user home directory, but tries to get files from / directory. If you specify home directory name explicitly (ftp://serv3 tania/home/tania) everything is OK.

I fixed the problem by adding one line to ftpfs.c file:

        case COMPLETE:                                                                                                             
            print_vfs_message (_("ftpfs: logged in"));                                                                             
            wipe_password (pass);                                                                                                  
            g_free (name);                                                                                                         
            command(me, super, WAIT_REPLY, "CWD /");    ///this line was added
            return 1;                                                                                                              

Best regards

Sergey Pavlukhin

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