Re: Things to do before 4.6.0

Hi, Oskar!

> Did someone gather these patches do we have to go through the
> whole list archive?

I don't think so.

> > 4) Compressed tarballs produced by "tar cz" with older versions of GNU tar
> > (i.e. those with padding at the end) cannot be opened by pressing Enter
> > ("doesn't look like a tar archive")
> Can someone provide an example tarball?

Attached (test.tgz)

> > 8) Don't show non-printable characters in the filenames.  It messes the
> > screen and it's inconsistent with user settings for output.
> I guess this is more of a bugfix, since some non-printable characters
> are already printed correctly, aren't they? I've looked at that code,
> and at the moment the set of printable characters depends on what your
> terminal is. I'd rather like to use isprint for this.

I think we don't understand each other.  I mean this.  Run this command:

touch `echo -ne '\377'`

Now go to Options->Display bits and set "7 bits".  The filename is still 
not shown as "?"

> Btw, I wrote a complete patch to remove xterm_flag and features based
> on the value of the TERM envvar entirely from mc. (Instead it would
> use the terminfo database in most cases.) Unfortunately there
> were some complications: printable characters (as described above),
> and xterm hintbar. It is AFAIK impossible to determine if a terminal
> has a titlebar that can be changed only by using the terminfo database.
> So I decided to not submit this patch...

Ok.  It's more important to concentrate on things that cause complaints.

> > 11) Super-long filenames in zip files (>8k) cause buffer overflow in VFS 
> > code.
> What's the technical solution here? Would it be necessary to have the VFS
> believe the file has a shorter name? (In that case duplicates would need
> to be checked too.)

Any solution that doesn't cause a buffer overflow or crash.  Even ignoring
those names is better.

Pavel Roskin

Attachment: test.tgz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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